In essence, this is a make-work project wherein I try to make one unique game - each day, since beginning. Obvious exceptions need to be made for when I am unable to even get home to code, or think straight.
I hope to avoid those eventualities entirely.

I am intending to make a new 'game' every day that isn't directly copying an existing game. Be it a simple terminal game or a full fledged (in the loosest sense) platformer.

The point of this is to strive to tackle a new programming, logic and gameplay problem every day, but more importantly, to stretch my creativity in a way that Project Euler and similar do not.

And of course, to attempt to gain some sort of notoriety.
This is in the same vein as existing "song a day" or "drawing a day" projects.

The games listed should work on a Windows system (x86 binary, should work on 32 and 64 bit Windows XP/Vista/7)

SFML is cross platform. If you want to run these on Linux, you can compile the Source Code under Linux after
installing the SFML dependencies, GCC and G++.

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