Special Note

Many of these programs and code were created with the idea of Rapid Application Development or simply trying to contain everything within a small amount of file(s).

As such, the code itself is not the highlight but rather, the underlying structure and purpose to said code.

While not the greatest programmer in the world, I strive to optimize and improve myself at every turn in these projects.

I have, from time to time, contributed to Open Source projects, but only as minor patches, suggestions, or bug fix suggestions or reports, and always Anonymously.
Github information to be available soon.

The games listed should work on a Windows system (x86 binary, should work on 32 and 64 bit Windows XP/Vista/7)

SFML is cross platform. If you want to run these on Linux, you can compile the Source Code under Linux after
installing the SFML dependencies, GCC and G++.

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PHP Image Board

For a final project for an E-Commerce class, I whipped up this imageboard in a few hours.

It's messy and incomplete and displays in descending date order, but its membership system is
fully functional and even sanitizes the data inputs.

It also allows for user-selected stylesheets and has an admin panel.

"Bad" Pong

This was a pong game that I created in a few hours in C++ using the SFML library (really, only the OpenGL extension parts of it...)
It is not a very good version of Pong.

There are obvious collision detection errors that occur from time to time, but overall it should function properly.
There is a rather arbitrary AI in it that you see in most bad Flash pong games.
I think it works rather well, to be honest. Simple, 'hard', but beatable. I implimented a 'drift' feature on the paddles that could use some work. Source Code.

SFML Snake

This is a Snake game I made in a few hours to mess around with sprites, rather than polygons, and experiment with some pointer stuff (remnants of this are in the source code).

There is a bit of polygon overlap for the snake cubes and the memory and CPU usage is a bit atrocious. Also, the image files are distinct.

Still, the game works. The player is not penalized for hitting the edges - it takes a casual 'pac-man' approach to edges. Source Code.

String Matching Algorithms

A string-matching program I made for my Algorithms and Data Structures course.

It takes a message string and a pattern string and searches for the pattern in the message either once or for all instances. (When loading files, they are not displayed in the boxes to keep the memory usage down.)
This is done using three separate algorithms and is slightly optimized.
Created using Qt. Must be compiled and ran on a Linux system; the executable is compiled for Ubuntu x64.
Source Code.

SFML Tetris

A simple Tetris clone made in SFML on x64 Linux.

This game does not follow all established Tetris conventions and has several rotation protections disabled to enable/force smoother gameplay.

Source can be compiled on Linux. The binary is an x64 Ubuntu binary.
The game works based off of a 2-Dimensional array as that's all Tetris truly is.
Source Code.

Gom Streamer For Android

In Production. Sort of. It won't be a single application.

I have a series of steps that will enable you to watch live GSL streams on your Android device.
However, these will not be available until I have finished porting a specific necessary application.
In Other Words

Coming Soon.